Breastfeeding in all the moments of life - Sports tops that pay tribute to breastfeeding!

Sporttopp amning

When breastfeeding your child, extra demands are placed on the clothes you choose to wear and without the right wardrobe, certain activities risk being prioritized away. We at Restless Mama do not want breastfeeding to limit you as a mother and especially do not force you to opt out of health and well-being. our sports peaks is here for you!

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you as a mom to stay active while breastfeeding your baby. Breastfeeding and exercise go very well together. When you breastfeed your baby, you lose a lot of energy through the breast milk and physical activity makes you stronger and more enduring which makes you easier to handle everyday life.

We want to encourage everything from lovely walks with the stroller to a circular pass on the lawn while the child crawls around in the grass. Physical activity with your child does good for both of you and you contribute to being a good role model for your child who sees and learns. Exercise also creates good conditions and reduces stress which is extra important during this valuable time.

Our sports tops for breastfeeding  

We have both breastfeeding sports bras and breastfeeding linens in our range. Everything from Restless Mama is soft and stretchy, so the feeling when you wear our clothes is the most important thing for us.

There is a lot that can feel new and uncomfortable when you have just become a mother. Therefore, we want you to be as comfortable as possible in your clothes and that breastfeeding should be easily accessible.

Lactation sports bra 

sporttopp amning

Our breastfeeding bra is sewn into our signature fabric Comfy tex which makes it incredibly soft and pliable and gives good support. It has a buckle in the back with three steps to give you a perfect fit. Breast protection is easily folded down using the buckles in the front that you unbutton. Behind the breastfeeding cover is an inner bra that provides both support and protection when breastfeeding your baby.

breastfeeding Tops

Our linen is sewn in a fantastic stretchy and stretchy material that will never make you want to wear them. They come with and without logo and in black and white design. The breastfeeding function consists of fabric that is wrapped and held in place with a thin elastic. You simply pull down the lower piece of fabric and lift it up when you want to breastfeed.