Are Pregnancy Tights the Ultimate Pregnancy Wear?

Är gravidtights det ultimata gravidplagget?

When I was pregnant, so was pregnant tights the only garment I wore. I had a great need to feel comfortable because already in week 25 I had regular aches and contractions that made themselves heard as I walked, sat on the couch so that my stomach was pinched or when the baby kicked hard.

It was therefore of the utmost importance that my clothes not clamp or prevent me from moving properly. After all, you are already limited in movement and a little awkward as it is.

Pregnancy Tights for Exercise or Casual Hanging?


I've always exercised a lot in my life and even before I got pregnant, exercise clothes were my favorite outfit. I love the sporty and stylish look that workout clothes can have. Combined with the fact that there are few clothes that are so nice, if you choose the right brand of course!

When I got pregnant, that feeling increased exponentially. Being practically dressed and comfortable without looking sunny, it was a perfect balance.

For this reason, I wore my Pregnancy Tights (Comfy Pregnancy Tights) every day during my pregnancy. They were easy to match with an everyday top and flip flops so the whole outfit felt casual instead of exercise inspired and I didn't have to compromise on my comfort.

Buy pregnant clothes that are an investment and not just an expense


Since you are not pregnant forever, it is smart to spend your money on the right things during pregnancy. There are many pregnancy tights / pants that will only fit during part of the pregnancy. Either the fabric does not stretch out as the stomach grows or the trousers are too big at the beginning of the pregnancy and you have to wait for the stomach to become big enough before you can take advantage of its newly purchased garments.

I personally find it uneconomical to feel that as a pregnant woman you cannot wear your pregnant clothes during the whole pregnancy. And many times you can not wear the garment again until the next pregnancy because then the fabric has become stretched and lost its compliance.

This problem was one of the most important problems I wanted to solve when creating pregnancy tights. I wanted the pregnancy tights to be worn from the day you plus the knit to the same day you give birth. You should feel that the tights were a wise investment and they should be able to reuse just as many pregnancies as you want.

This complacency creates the convenience that I have been talking about so much above. But convenience is unbeatable and it is our signature!

Puss on is <3

/ CEO and Founder Emelie Hollsten