All our clothes at Restless Mama are created to fit in everyday life as we know that a life with children automatically means activity. There will be extra many walks (with stroller) and when the child learned to crawl there will be few quiet moments. Athleisure is a very descriptive name for our clothing. Sporty everyday wear that prepares you for life's challenges as a parent

What is athleisure?

Athleisure became very popular a couple of years ago when the training culture grew rapidly and you discovered how nice it was to dress in workout clothes even in everyday life. Athleisure is a clothing style that has a sporty look with the purpose of dress for everyday or workout.

Founder Emelie Hollsten's own experiences


When I was expecting my child, I just wanted to dress comfortably. The body felt heavy and unwieldy and I had a lot of pain. Tightening clothes that hindered my freedom of movement were the worst I knew and they could even scoop up my preamps. I dressed in mine Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights every day, whether I intended to exercise or not. Just walking to the bus or strolling around the grocery store was enough for me to feel that I wanted to be maximally comfortable. Otherwise, I love a black and white style. I always feel classy, sporty and trend-proof in those colors. Matched my Comfy Gravity Tights with Essential Breastfeeding Linen even when I was pregnant because in the name of honesty I had no linen that was more beautiful than these. The fabric is so soft and stretchy and most important of all, nothing clamps on.

So for me it was a matter of course to design clothes that work just as well in everyday life as in the gym, the box, the ring, the football field… you name it.

Long service life creates affordable products

It was also a matter of course to create clothes with a long life. All our clothes can be worn as pregnant and non-pregnant. I wore my breastfeeding linen during my pregnancy and my pregnancy tights after giving birth. All fabrics can be stretched without losing their shape, making them excellent for use in pregnancy and postpartum clothing.

It is also very important for me to offer good quality products at a reasonable price as I know that the economy can be tight during this time. Long-life products help to create affordable products as you can wear our clothes without any time limit.

Now I wish you all a happy Easter! 

/ Emelie Hollsten, CEO and founder