Back to basics in our Comfy Maternity Leggings!

A  long, wonderful summer is slowly coming to an end. At this time of the year we often tend to pick up the training sessions that probably were put aside in favor of lazy summer days! In our Comfy Maternity Leggings you stay pleasant and comfortable regardless of what kind of training you´re into. In the gym as well as outdoors, taking walks on a lovely late summer evening.

Time to pick up your training again

After one´s been taking some time off it feels nice but at the same time challenging to pick up on your training where you left it. Maybe, it´s all about that first session? And just manage to get by? After that, the only thing needed is some good old discipline. Joking apart, in recent years we have been able to read about several studies that proves the fact that maternity training has great benefits for both mother and baby. In order to accomplish continuity there are a lot of factors that will help you succeed; goal setting, motivation and… activewear! Cause it feels a bit extra nice to put on brand new training clothes, doesn´t it?! A lot of times it gives you that extra push to resume your training.

Our bestseller - Comfy Maternity leggings

Creating maternity activewear is so much fun! It´s very rewarding to provide pregnant women with training clothes so that they can choose to stay active during their pregnancy. The name of our bestseller, our maternity leggings, says it all! Comfy Maternity leggings. Comfort is one, and maybe the most important, of our keywords when creating activewear. When you´re pregnant you want flexible yet sculpting clothes that doesn´t push to hard against your growing belly. The stretch in our maternity support leggings is incredible! Thanks to the large proportion of Lycra that our signature fabric contains, the fabric we use for our tights, we´ve been able to create a garment that gives you maximum freedom of movement. It also contributes to making the leggings fit most women from the first weeks of their pregnancy all the way to D-day. The fabric is also breathable, sweat and pilling resistant, and in that way ideal for anyone that wears our Maternity activewear leggings to perform all kinds of exercise. Regardless if it´s training indoors or outdoors.

Fingers crossed we still have many more late summer evening walks to enjoy!

Sofia Hollsten,

CCO Restless Mama

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