Maternity Leggings With A Magical Touch

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We promise you the world’s most comfortable maternity leggings. In fact they are SO comfortable you’ll probably end up wearing them 24/7 no matter training or not.

Heavenly Soft 

Maternity Leggings

We know there will be a facial expression of awe when you try on these leggings for the first time, and that right there mamas, that’s our motivation. 

Let us introduce you to our signature fabric ComfyTex. It’s made of 26 percent Lycra and 74 percent of the silk successor Polyamide woven together in 40 gauge and voila! You have a fabric as soft there is.

Flexible beyond this world

Maternity Leggings

Thanks to the leggings outstanding flexibility we are very happy to offer you maternity leggings that, as crazy as it sounds, fit as good from the day you plus to your D-Day.

On top of the high amount of Lycra a.k.a The Goddess of Flexibility within the world of fabrics, another pillar behind this incredible stretch is a unique woven technique. The construction of the fabric allows a 4-way stretch with a flex as good in both horizontal and vertical direction, meaning these leggings will make room for your growing belly effortlessly. 

Delicately balanced compression

Maternity Leggings

The compression in these maternity leggings is delicately balanced to give comforting support and at the same time allow maximum freedom of movement. You’ll also find a support zone in the lower back area where most mamas tend to feel exhausted at the end of their pregnancy. 

We are here for you mamas <3 

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