Essential Breastfeeding Linen

Essential Amning Linne

Breastfeeding + exercise, does it work? YES! Of course it does. Our breastfeeding garments are created to handle tough workouts in combination with breastfeeding your little treasure. Essential breastfeeding linen is made of a fabulously soft and comfortable OEKO-tex certified viscose material. With a well thought-out breastfeeding function, we make every breastfeeding occasion a little easier for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding + exercise

We at Restless Mama consider it a matter of course to be able to combine exercise with breastfeeding. Our goal is that you as a newborn and nursing mother should be able to remain active even during this valuable period of life. Exercise contributes to a number of health benefits, one of which is to counter stress, which is extra important to maintain a well-functioning breastfeeding. It also makes you stronger physically, which contributes to minor ailments during heavy lifting which is good as your baby grows and gets heavier for each passing day. 

There are many myths that exercise and breastfeeding do not go together. Fears that the milk would be one of them. On closer look at this particular fear, there are even studies that show that neither strenuous exercise nor exercise at medium strenuous level adversely affects breast milk. Neither from quantity nor to quality view. 

Essential Breastfeeding Linen

Breastfeeding puts extra high demands on the clothes you wear. They should be comfortable and functional. When we created ours lactation linen we chose the softest fabric we could find on the market. A blend of viscose and elastane which gives a fantastic soft and stretchy fabric. In addition, it is cool and comfortable to wear. The material has a natural weight which contributes to a nice fall on the garment. The fact that it is also a durable material that does not wrinkle so much is a bonus. Like all other fabrics in all of our garments, the fabric is OEKO-tex certified. 

The linen has a flattering fit as it follows your body but ends in a more neutral fit with a slightly looser portion over the abdomen. We have also chosen to make the linen a little longer so that you can move freely and carefree that your stomach may miss. Two pieces of fabric run over the bust. You can easily and easily cut these at the time of breastfeeding. On the lower layer of these two, a spring runs across the bust which helps ensure that the linen is always seated where it should be when you are not breastfeeding.

Convenience is A and O for our garments. In addition, we always choose to create workout clothes in a stylish and stylish design so that you can use them both for workouts and everyday life. 
Our linen comes in a total of 4 designs. With black and white as the base color on the linen itself and with our fine logo as print which varies in shades of black and white respectively. 

Essential Breastfeeding linen is undoubtedly one of the nursing mother's perfect base garments in the wardrobe. Wear it under the leather jacket along with our tights during a stroll with the stroller in the fall sun!