Essential Nursing Tank top

Nursing + training, does it work? YES! Of course it does. Our nursing garments are created to manage tough training in combination with nursing your precious little baby. Essential Nursing Tank top is made of a fabulous and soft OEKO-tex certified viscose material. By a well thought out nursing function running across the bust we make it easy for you and your baby, everytime you need to nurse.

Nursing + training

At Restless Mama we consider it to be a natural thing to be able to combine training and nursing. Our goal is that any recently become mother, who´s also nursing, should be able to stay active during this important and precious time in life.
Training contributes with a lot of health benefits, whereof counteracting stress is one of them, which is so important to be able to maintain a well functioning breastfeeding. The fact that it also makes you physically stronger is of course a bonus. There´s a lot of heavy lifting when having a baby, a baby that´s also getting bigger and heavier each day.

When it comes to training and nursing there´s a lot of myths out there. Fears that the breast milk would decrease is one of them. When taking a closer look on this particular fear there are even studies showing that neither hard training nor training on a medium level affects the breast milk in a negative way. Neither its quantity or quality.

Essential Nursing Tank top

When nursing there are even higher demands on the clothes you are wearing. They have to be comfortable and also functional. When we created our nursing tank top we chose the softest fabric we could find on the market, a blend of viscose and elastane which gives a fantastically soft and stretchy fabric. In addition to that it stays cool and comfy to wear. The material is heavy-duty and also, it doesn´t crinkle that much. Elastane makes the knit fabric heavier and gives it a fantastic drape. This fabric, as well as all of our other fabrics used in our garments, are OEKO-tex certified.

The fit of the nursing tank top is very flattering. It follows your curves at the top and ends in a more natural fit with a slightly more loose section over the stomach area. We chose to make this tank top a little bit longer for you to be able to move carefree, and not have to think about any gaps that could arise. Over the bust the fabric is split in two pieces and wrap around each other. You can easily separate these two when you´re about to breast feed. On the lower layer of fabric there´s an elastic running all the way across the bust making the tank top stay in place when you´re not nursing.

For us comfort is EVERYTHING, without that our clothes are nothing. We always choose to design our training clothes in a chic and stylish design for you to be able to wear them not only for your training sessions but also in everyday life. Our nursing tank tops come in four different designs. With black and white as the base color for the garment itself and our logo printed in various tones of black and white.

Essential Nursing Tank top is undoubtedly one of the nursing moms perfect everyday go-to garment. Wear it with a leather jacket and our leggings for a chic look when talking your baby out for a walk.

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