Everyday Hero Breastfeeding Sport Bra

Everyday Hero Amning Sport-bh

Everyday Hero Breastfeeding Sports Bra is one of our contributions to enable you as a nursing mother to stay active. As more and more mothers choose to exercise while taking care of their children, high demands are placed on comfortable and functional exercise garments with breastfeeding function. We created our sports bra to literally support you in life as a toddler parent. Both in your workout but also as a given choice under your favorite t-shirt.

amning sport-bh


Everyday Hero Breastfeeding Sports Bra

When we made ours sports bra with breastfeeding function we chose to use our wonderfully beautiful signature fabric, ie the same fabric as in our pregnancy tights. The mixture of Lycra and Polyamide gives a soft and flexible fabric. Our sports bra is therefore made of double layer fabric so that we can simultaneously offer a product that does its job, provide support! The moisture-wicking material keeps you dry and comfortable. 
At the front of ours breastfeeding bra is the clip attached to the breastfeeding cover. With them, you quickly and smoothly fold down the fabric at each breastfeeding occasion. On the inside is an inner bra in soft and comfortable mesh. Fracture back at the back which makes the bra sit comfortably on the upper body and gives 100% freedom in every movement. The waist, that is the elastic under the bust, is 5 cm wide which contributes to better support and comfort as it is also adjustable in three different lengths.

Spring lactation sports bra is simply the world's best everyday hero, not only during training sessions, but all day, everyday!