Forever After Postpartum High-Waist leggings

Have you tried our pregnancy leggings? Our are you new to our brand och found us through our postpartum leggings? Anyway, congratulations! You´ve come to the right place if you want to experience some of the most comfortable training clothes on the market. Restless Mama got your back, all the way through your pregnancy and forever after.

Our popular postpartum tights

Forever After Postpartum High-waist leggings is the name of our popular postpartum leggings made of the same soft and stretchy fabric that we use for our maternity leggings. A fabric with an incredible flexibility that gives maximum freedom of movement and allows you to practise what kind of training you´re into. The waist band is made of double layers of fabric. In the front it´s 4,7 in wide. A height that on most people cover the belly button. The high waist contributes to a soft and comfy support for the whole stomach area. In the back, the double layers of fabric give a good support for the lower back. The material along with a carefully thought-out and stylish model make these leggings the ideal training pants for anyone who wish for 100% comfort and leggings that stay in place.

How it all started

Before Restless Mama saw the light of the day, so to speak, our founder Emelie Hollsten was working with her former brand Restless by Em, which also was in the training clothes business.
Forever After Postpartum High-waist leggings were named Basic leggings and it was a crazy popular product. The foundation of the leggings was created in the Basic tights but since then we´ve refined it over and over again. It was also during that period of time that we made an active choice and expanded our size range. Our passion for training and profound belief that training is for everyBODY made it easy for us to take the step from producing up to XL only. All garments made by Restless Mama today are made in the including size range of XS - 3XL.

We love getting feedback on our garments, it´s what keeps us moving forward. Your opinions are valuable in the progress of creating even better products. We are not “done” with our garments in any way. 
Today, our postpartum leggings come in the colour black. But we are planning for more colours and lots of lovely patterns in the future.

With our postpartum leggings we want to function as a natural extension for our customers that have worn our pregnancy pants. By offering pants in the same material the customer knows what to expect. Our after delivery pants (along with all of our other garments) are made for training in all its forms. At the same time we also want to be a more comfortable choice for everyday use. Thanks to a clean and simple design they are easy to match with other garments when going to the gym. Or why not adding a sweater along with the postpartum leggings for a simple yet chic look! 

If you haven´t tried our after delivery leggings yet, please do! And hey, prepare for a huge success. You probably don´t want to wear any other leggings than ours forever after....

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