Get to know Comfy Maternity Leggings in depth!

“The idea to create the perfect pair of maternity leggings was born when I was expecting my first child. The most important quality of these tights I wanted to be the feeling when you wear them. I wanted them to be the most comfortable maternity leggings ever made.” /Emelie Hollsten CEO and Founder

Maternity Leggings

We have been very particular in our process of choosing a fabric. Under the first year of research and development we compared over a hundred of different fabrics. We evaluated composition, knitting technique, density, handfeel, gauge, pilling resistance, environmental effects and much, much more. In the end we went for this super high quality Italian fabric, Comfy Tex. It’s made of 74% Polyamide and 26% Lycra and it has an amazing feel to it. It's extremely flexible with a perfect balance of compression and freedom that allows the fabric to follow your silhouette without restraint.

One of the things I love about Comfy Tex is it's 4-way stretch. The fabric is as flexible in both vertical and horizontal direction. That allows you to wear the maternity leggings with a perfect fit in pregnancy week 1 as well as all the way to pregnancy week 40. It doesn't matter how big or small your belly is, these maternity leggings are here for you during your whole magical journey.

One other wonderful quality is the fabrics high density of 40 gauge. That makes sure for a great coverage and a high resistance for pillings. And do not worry over if the leggings will loose their shape. They keep their compression, shape and handfeel through every wash and training session!

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