Pregnant exercise tights and pregnancy training that prepare you for life as a new mom

Gravid träningstights och gravidträning som förbereder dig inför livet som nybliven mamma

During pregnancy, it is advantageous to train to prepare for life as a mother. After 9 months of pregnancy and shifted center of gravity, a challenging load for the body continues when the child is now to be carried outside the body. Therefore, it may be good to start strengthening the body already in pregnancy in accordance with the new stresses that await. All you need is a pair pregnant exercise tights and a pregnant body :)

We take a look at the activities that await after giving birth and we get a better insight into what we need to strengthen: 

  • A newborn baby wants to be near as much as it can. Therefore, there will be many and long moments of wearing in either the arms or in the shawl and / or carrying harness. If you carry the baby in your arms, your biceps and shoulders will have to endure a lot of strain, but even the inner abdominal muscles, chest, lower back and seat will be loaded just as if you are wearing a shawl or carrying harness.
  • Suddenly, the floor is a place you spend time and if you are not used to getting up and down from standing to sitting, it can be a real challenge. Especially if you have to do it with a child in the arms. 
  • When the child has started walking, quick reflexes are needed for from one second to another, the child may have put himself in a situation where it needs to be rescued from banging his head on the edge of the table or seeing the exciting flower pot on the window sill that is now going down in Hill.
  • Nor should you underestimate the art of getting out of a soft bed each morning with a child clinging to the upper body. It requires both coordination, strength and endurance. 

Gravid Träningstights

There are obviously many more situations to paint, but you probably already understand the point. Mother life places high demands on our body and the better shape we are in the more we can give to our children. A very nice gift to give if you ask us at Restless Mama. 

Why would pregnant exercise tights help prepare for the life of the mother? 

The bigger the stomach becomes the harder it becomes to be comfortable. Most clothes cling to more than you want when the body already feels as it is awkward. If we feel uncomfortable in our clothes, the threshold for physical activity becomes greater. Our goal, of course, is to reduce all possible thresholds to make physical activity a reality. 

our Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights will be the softest, stretchiest, most compliant pregnancy tights you ever owned. We have put all our focus on choosing a fabric that does not clamp anywhere but which still provides a comfortable compression and a smooth finish. The pregnant workout tights are created by me, Emelie Hollsten, who is a former elite gymnast and now a competitive Crossfit athlete. And of course I have kids :) I have a son named Winter who is 2 years old and the pregnancy tights came when I was pregnant with him and experienced exactly what I mentioned above - that nothing sat comfortably. 

What I would choose to focus on during pregnancy are:

  • Inner abdominal muscles - Different breathing exercises where you suck in the navel and stomach to the spine (trying to make the stomach flat, not dangerous for the baby) and different rotational exercises eg. boxing on sack. Pulldowns in a cable machine are also a great exercise for the inner abdominal muscles. In this exercise they work statically which is their main task. 
  • Core, seat, lower back, back thighs, chest - An absolutely fantastic exercise to train all these muscle groups at the same time is ground lift. Form is the most important thing so work out with weights that you master. 
  • Biceps - Bicep curls and hammer curls with dumbbells. Rowing and bats in all its forms are also great exercises. 
  • shafts - Press in front of head with either rod, dumbbells or kettlebells. 
  • Coordination and explosiveness- Some form of activity that contains coordination and explosiveness. It can, for example, be a group workout at your gym or crossfit, boxing, etc. The most important thing here is that you do what YOU feel your body can do. You should not challenge yourself and your workout during pregnancy, but you should work out what you feel you can do.