Pregnancy tights for pregnancy training

Gravidtights för gravidträning 

Did you know that you can ease your pregnancy by touching you regularly? Movement and exercise make you stronger and more alert and prepare you for the coming birth! You can also reduce pregnancy ailments such as pain, swelling, nausea and fatigue and in addition to the physical benefits, there are also many mental benefits to be gained! For example, the risk of depression decreases and general well-being and self-esteem increase. Fantastic huh! You will find ours pregnant tights here :) 


There are many benefits for both mother and child with physical activity as you can see above. This is due to the fact that children and mothers are deeply connected during pregnancy. The mother's well-being is in direct correlation with the child's well-being and one can therefore lean on that what is good for the mother is most likely to be good for the child :) 

Guidelines for Exercise During Pregnancy (Exercise with our Pregnancy Tights for Best Comfort) 

All of the guidelines below are for uncomplicated pregnancies. Otherwise, it is important to consult a doctor about what is right for you. 

Depending on how used you are to exercise and what type of training you have experience with, the guidelines will vary slightly. It also depends on how far away you are. What we can start with in any case is that it is good to move! 

If you have never exercised before or have had a very long break, then movement in a calmer form is preferable. For example, calm training can be strength training with lighter weights, walking, yoga and mobility training. The reason for these recommendations is that it is good to avoid new movements with heavy weights as the body becomes softer in all joints and the center of gravity moves further into the pregnancy you come. That being said, it is the mother's injury risk you talk about as there is very little you can do to harm your child. For the safety of the child one should avoid obvious risks such as blows to the stomach. 

For those who are used to exercising, it is generally good to continue with the same routines as you are used to. You will probably feel yourself when you need to adjust your workout to get your stomach down or because some exercises feel uncomfortable. A good guideline is not to train to set records during this time, but to train to feel good! 

The general recommendation for exercise during pregnancy is to move 30 minutes every day. It is advantageous to perform any activity that causes the heart rate to rise and activities that build muscle. Also, pelvic floor training can be started during pregnancy to prevent incontinence problems.  

8 reason to exercise and move during their pregnancy 

  • Reduced risk of fatigue, tension and swelling
  • Increased sense of well-being, better self-esteem and more even mood
  • Reduced risk of depression 
  • Reduced nausea and pain 
  • Reduced risk of complicated labor
  • Faster recovery after childbirth 
  • Reduced risk of weight gain 
  • Reduced risk of pregnancy diabetes

7 tips for exercising during pregnancy

  • Drink well before and after exercise
  • Refill with food and snacks before and after exercise to avoid blood sugar drops and to speed up recovery
  • Rest and take care of yourself a little extra between the workouts
  • Customize your workout based on where you are in pregnancy, mood and daily form
  • Avoid exercises that require abdominal pressure or movements in the outer positions where you strain the pelvis and back unevenly. 
  • Replace because exercises or sports with a lot of hope and bumps such as running and high-intensity activities. 
  • Heavy exercises for the stomach should be avoided when you notice that you have an abdominal partition as it increases the power of separation