Pregnancy training during the third trimester and exercise tights for pregnant women

Gravidträning under tredje trimestern och träningstights för gravida

Can you work out during the third trimester and fit Comfy Training Tights for Pregnant even during this trimester? You can definitely work out during the third trimester and our Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights fit perfectly during all the trimester. 

Exercise tights for pregnant women 

Fit and flexibility are the core of our products :) You can wear our tights from the day you plus until it's time for delivery! 

Träningstights för gravida

Listen to the body 

The most important thing pregnant training is that you listen to your body and do what you feel good about. I understand that this is not the tip many people are looking for as the answer does not give any concrete advice but unfortunately there are no black and white answers to give valid pregnancy training. What can be very nice to lean against, however, is that there is almost nothing you can do to harm your child without the recommendations and guidelines that are there for the sake of the mother. For the sake of the child, avoid getting hit on the stomach and excessive overheating.

When you become pregnant, the hormone relaxin begins to secrete. The hormone causes us to become a little more unstable in joints and in short we can say that we are getting softer and it is because of this hormone that some of us get joint release. 

Practice what you are comfortable with and are used to

If you exercise on things you are used to during the third trimester, the training can help us build stability in the body. The muscles together with our ability to muscle hold our body in place and counteract many of the negative effects you can experience as a result of relaxin. 

Therefore, in order not to expose your body to unnecessary risk, it is therefore good if you exercise on things you are used to doing. Then you will also feel if there is something that feels different in a negative sense and if you need to avoid certain special movements and exercises. 

Everyone is affected differently during their pregnancy and we have different experiences of exercise and body awareness. Therefore, pregnancy training will look different for everyone and there are no rights and errors that are universally valid. 

Preparing for the birth

The third trimester lasts between weeks 29 and 40. It is a fairly long period and there is a lot going on during this time. My recommendation is that the last half of this trimester may be about preparing for childbirth. The training that will then be relevant will be about getting control of the pelvic floor where you can consciously relax and relax. Something that will become very important during the Christmas phase in particular. Breathing exercises and relaxation exercises can also be good to plan. The small windows of recovery during childbirth can be a dealbreaker for whether or not you can cope. 

It is also common to become stiff in the hip flexors, lower back, seat and neck during pregnancy, so it can be nice to practice mobility in these areas. 


Many pregnant women put a lot of focus on walking. In my case, however, walking was the only form of physical activity I could not do. I got an incredible amount of contraction already after 10 meters walking. However, I was able to train both Crossfit and gym workout without corresponding contractions. Again, proof that one must listen to one's body and the signals it transmits. 

A big good luck!

Emelie Hollsten, CEO