How was the idea born to do Pregnant Exercise Tights?

Gravid träningstights

I, Emelie Hollsten (CEO and Founder) have been sporting my whole life, many years at the elite level. For me, therefore, it was a matter of course to continue exercising when I became pregnant. However, I quickly discovered that there was an incredibly poor supply pregnant exercise tights and exercise clothes for moms in general.

I have always had a desire to encourage women to be active and when I became pregnant, my focus was naturally niche towards mothers. An active pregnancy and an active postpartum recovery period became my newfound passion!

In conjunction with the lack of pregnant exercise tights, my inspiration slowly but surely arose to develop my own clothing brand for pregnant and nursing mothers. It was scary and breathtaking for the idea to start something on my own. But in the end, I had gathered enough courage to dare to invest in my idea!

The road to the creation of pregnant exercise tights

It really has not been a nail-biting road of success and wind since I started my own. The road has contained many sleepless nights filled with worry and uncertainty. I have had to get stuck with my inner demons and have to call my shortcomings, but I have also been offered the chance to discover my faces and talents. The road has been learning thanks to its adversities and I have experienced many feelings of gratitude and humility. The great thing about challenges is that you get a choice to grow and I would say that I have grown as a man, wife and mother through this journey. Something that I will be forever grateful for. Development is life.

My vision

My vision is to create a large selection of "athlesuire" clothes for moms, that is, clothes that are walkable both in an everyday context as well as in the gym. I want a basic range of clothes that are neutral, but I also want a range of clothes that deal with each other. The range that is available on the market today is generally very scaled-down and bordering on boring and that is not how I look at moms or identify myself. 

Gravid träningstights

I think that comfortable clothes that you want to wear everyday but that exhale exercise will encourage an active lifestyle. And why I think it is because physical activity is very much in our everyday lives and I want to encourage children and mothers (the whole family for that matter!) To share the joy of moving together. Walking, bike rides and playgrounds are a few activities where I see in front of me how everyone is involved, children as adults. I believe that physical activity strengthens the community in the family. There are few moments that are so clearly signaled that everyone is equal. Everyone moves and has fun and they agree behind the common intention to play for life. 

Community is built on respect and that everyone feels seen and understood. Children are great at playing and moving. We adults generally have a lot to learn there in my opinion. Physical activity with our children means that we meet them where they are. They get to feel seen and understood and share a valuable moment with their parents. I think gold is worth it and I want to inspire that. 

Have a nice day everyone!