Get started with the training again in our Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights!

Kom igång med träningen igen i våra Comfy Gravid Träningstights!

After a wonderful summer, everyday life begins slowly but surely to take shape again. We return to our routines, and the training that may have been put aside for a while now feels highly relevant to pick up again. In our Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights you always stay comfortable and comfortable in whatever form of exercise, both inside the gym and during the walk on a lukewarm late summer evening.

 To resume training again

Getting started with the training again after a break is wonderful but also demanding. Maybe it is that much depends on getting past that first training session? After that, you are in practice. After that it is only discline required. Joking aside, in recent years we have been able to read about several studies demonstrating the fact that pregnant training both mother and child do well in the stomach, but to achieve continuity, many factors are important. Among other goals, motivation and ... clothes! For sure it feels a little extra nice to get dressed in new workout clothes ?! It often creates a form of peppiness to start the exercise at all. 

Our best seller - Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights

To create Pregnant workout clothes is incredibly fun! It is very rewarding to feel that we are helping to provide the best possible condition for pregnant women to remain active during their pregnancy. The name of our best seller, ours pregnant tights, really says it all! comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights. Convenience is one, if not the foremost, of our key words. As a pregnant woman, you want clothes that are compliant but that for the most part do not push against the growing belly. The stretch in our tights is matchless! Thanks to the large proportion of Lycra that our signature fabric contains, that is, the fabric used for our tights, we have been able to create a garment that gives endless freedom in every movement. It also helps the tights fit most from the very first weeks of pregnancy to the last. The fabric is usually thick to breathe and transport moisture in the best way, but at the same time also fairly thin to provide good coverage. This enables a wide range of applications for those who wear our Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights and for training both indoors and outdoors.

Now we keep our thumbs up because we have many evening walks during balmy late summer evenings to enjoy!

Sofia Hollsten,

CCO, Restless Mama