Get to know Restless Mama's pregnant leggings!

“The idea of creating pregnancy tights was born when I was expecting my first child. The most important thing about these tights is the feeling when wearing them. I wanted them to be the most beautiful pregnant moms ever tested. " / Emelie Hollsten, CEO and founder

We have been very careful in our process in fabric selection. During the first year of research and development of gravidtightsen We ordered hundreds of different fabrics and compared fabric composition, knitting and weaving techniques, thread density, density and hand flaws. Finally, we decided on an Italian high quality fabric "ComfyTex" with 74 percent Polyamide and 26 percent Lycra for the best possible compliance and flexibility.
The great thing about ComfyTex is that it is equally flexible in both vertical and vertical directions. It allows the tights to be worn both before having a distinctive belly and at the end of their pregnancy when the stomach is full-sized. In addition, they are also very good at wearing pregnancy tights after childbirth. 
Thanks to its dense wire density (40 gauge), ComfyTex has very good coverage capability. The knitting technology also gives ComfyTex a high resistance to studs and good ventilation.
We are also very pleased with ComfyTex's uncompromising ability to maintain its shape despite its extreme flexibility. The tights keep their shape wash after wash and pregnancy after pregnancy. 
Comfy gravidleggings svart och cerise

Why do we have Polyamide in our pregnancy tights?

Polyamide was originally developed to be an alternative to Silk and therefore the fibers are very soft. It gives Polyamide an incredibly soft and comfortable surface to the skin. Polyamide also has a very unique combination of properties. It is both durable and flexible, which are usually two properties that are normally at the expense of each other. Since ComfyTex contains 74 percent Polyamide, we have not had to compromise on either quality or flexibility. It felt like an obvious choice in our hunt for fabric. In addition, Polyamide transports moisture away from the body making the fabric optimal for workout clothes.

Frequently asked questions about our pregnancy

Can you use Comfy pregnancy tights during all trimesters and after giving birth? 

For us, it was incredibly important to create a pair of long-life pregnancy tights. We know that the economy can be strained during this time and therefore you can use our tights from the day you polished to the day you meet your little creation and the time afterwards <3

When Do Your Customers Wear Comfy Pregnancy Tights? 

Many of our customers report wearing Comfy pregnancy tights every day!
We have deliberately chosen to design Comfy pregnancy tights with a stylish design so you can wear these tights at any time of the day. We know that physical activity comes in many different forms and many of them are included in our everyday lives. It can, for example, be the walk in the nice weather to the center or the bike ride to the kindergarten.
In addition to everyday exercise, Comfy pregnancy tights work equally well in the gym or in the crossfit box. They are simply adapted for life at large. It does not matter what type of physical activity you prefer, the tights are with you anywhere at any time! 
Sincerely, Restless Mama <3 

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