Maternity Activewear that has to be felt

The unique qualities about our maternity activewear have to be felt. It’s hard to make them justice by only writing about them. But I’ll give it a try! 

I remember when I was pregnant and how minimal pressure against my belly would make my uterus to painfully contract. I had a lot of problems with contractions early on. Sitting down too long was actually one of the biggest villains. It always put pressure in the wrong place and I would get stiff and endure what felt like neverending contractions.

On top of this the maternity clothes I wore often added pressure to my belly. There was always some kind of uncomfortable restraint and if not, the clothes were too big or too loose and always falling down. The magical balance in between was hard to find. 

The idea behind the maternity activewear is born 

Maternity activewear

As a former professional athlete I had a natural love for activewear. I also knew that many pregnancy discomforts can be helped by staying active. Hence the idea about creating maternity activewear that was so comfortable you would like to live in it, felt 100% right. 

Restless Mama’s Maternity Activewear is clothes you can wear any day at any time no matter what you do. My intention with the activewear is that it will provide you with an opportunity to stay active in your everyday life, because some form of physical activity is to be found around us at all times. For most mamas exercise during pregnancy comes in the form of powerwalks, playing with their children, taking the bike to the store etc. Therefore I want you to be able to wear the activewear all day, not just 1 hour three times a week when you attend a pilates class. 

To encourage mamas to wear the maternity activewear everyday they have to be super comfortable. They have to out-compete your regular maternity clothes. I am pleased to tell you that I think I have succeeded. They are at least the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn, and hundreds of reviews are agreeing with me.

So now I am leaving it up to you! Try them on and tell me what you think :)

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