Perfect pregnancy shorts in the summer heat!

Perfekta gravidshorts i sommarvärmen! 

Now it has really been a couple of warm and wonderful days. Sweden during the beautiful summer season is one of the best there is. However, heat and pregnancy do not always go hand in hand, so we want to make it easier for you! Now you can style your outfit with a pair of super comfy pregnant shorts in cycling pants length that keeps you cool and comfortable :)


Pregnant shorts with detail stitching 

On the outside of the legs of these pregnancy shorts, there are two discreet panel seams that add a little attitude while maintaining the neutral look that fits everything. The cycling pants have really symbolized 2019 fashion and now you as pregnant can also keep up with the fashion trends while being extremely comfortable.

The best thing about these pregnancy shorts is that the waist goes high up over the stomach without pushing and stays with the help of a silicone elastic. The pregnancy shorts are sewn into our popular signature fabric ComfyTex just like ours Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights. This fabric is absolutely perfect if we can say it ourselves. It is extremely stretchy which allows the shorts to follow your growing belly throughout pregnancy as well as provide a comfortable compression over the buttocks and legs. The finish on the fabric is soft and comfortable to wear on the skin, which is important during a time when much can be perceived as uncomfortable. 

The back of the waist that runs over the lumbar region has a supportive zone that helps to relieve the weight of the stomach. It is especially helpful during physical activity as the weight of the stomach becomes extra noticeable. The shorts consistently provide a comfortable fit and do not squeeze anywhere and do not limit your freedom of movement. These pregnancy shorts are therefore suitable no matter what activity you are engaged in as comfort is always a plus!