Probabaly the most comfortable pregnancy training clothes in the world

Hi there mama, congratulations on your pregnancy! We want to inspire you to stay active during your pregnancy. No pressure though, physical activity should be fun and a stress release. We just want to make sure you are provided with the most enjoyable pregnancy training clothes to make it possible for you to stay active in your own way and also comfortable.

pregnancy training clothes

Did you know that up to 10% of all pregnancies are affected by pregnancy diabetes? That’s incredible sad because they could have been helped by something so natural as physical activity. And by “helped” I mean a lot! If you exercise 140 minutes a week at medium high intensity level you lower your risks of getting pregnancy diabetes with 25%. Isn't that amazing! Imagine how much effect we can have on ourselves just by changing our way of life. No pills but pure human power <3  

Pregnancy training clothes with an amazing comfort 

Since pregnancy can be uncomfortable in many ways our main priority has been and still is to make pregnancy training clothes with the softest handfeel that allows maximum freedom of movement. Why is freedom of movement important? Well, that means that the clothes will not restrain you in any way, no matter whether moving, standing or sitting down. They will simply follow your pregnant body’s natural curves with a gentle compression feeling like a warm and supportive hug. 

Our pregnancy clothes comes with a comfort that has to be experienced. Get your pregnancy clothes item now and prepare to fall in love!

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