Regular questions about Comfy Maternity Leggings from our customers

Is it possible to wear Comfy Maternity Leggings during all three trimesters?

For us it was extremely important to create a pair of Maternity Leggings with a long lifespan. We know that the economy can be strained during this time in life and therefore we made sure that Comfy Maternity Leggings can be worn from the day you discover your pregnancy all the way till the end of your pregnancy <3

Maternity Leggings

How often can I expect to wear Comfy Maternity Leggings?

Many of our customers have reported back that they wear Comfy Maternity Leggings every single day. They didn't buy them with the purpose of wearing them every day but they found themselves not wanting to take them off, ever. 

We consciously designed these leggins so you would be able to wear them at any given time, no matter if you are training or just out having lunch with your friends. We know that the biggest luxury during pregnancy is to be comfortable and we want to make it possible for you to be comfortable every day. 

What type of exercise are they made for?

Exercise is to be found in everyday life if you look closely. We go out for a walk with the family dog, walking our children to preschool, strolling in the shopping mall, taking the bike out for a ride, playing with our little ones, gardening, vacuuming the house and much more. In all these activities it will be important to be comfortable, especially when your are pregnant, and Comfy Maternity Leggings will make your pregnancy as comfortable as it can be. 

Beyond everyday life situations, Comfy Pregnancy Leggings will fit perfectly for any type of physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you're into Crossfit, Yoga, Spinning, Dancing or regular gym training, these leggings will be there for you.

To be able to be comfortable the leggings you wear must follow your belly and overall sillhouette without restraint and allow maximum freedom of movement. Those properties were our main goal to achieve when creating Comfy Maternity Leggings. We wanted to make sure that you wouldn't have to compromize on anything, and we did it! 


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