Pants for pregnant women - created from the heart

Träningsbyxor gravida

Many large companies with many owners and investors are under pressure to constantly deliver better figures and somewhere along the way, the fine values that lay as a basis at the start of the company can be lost. In the beginning when starting a company you are often committed to solving a problem that is close to your heart. As in my case, I have always had a great commitment to encouraging health and well-being. When I became pregnant, a new world was opened with a love for physical activity during pregnancy and to make it easier for moms to stay active felt like a very nice and rewarding mission to embark on. To create Pants for pregnant women therefore became my calling during my pregnancy and I started my business just before my son was born.

The fabric and the values behind our pregnant training pants

Träningsbyxor gravida

What we at Restless Mama have succeeded in is that we have an absolutely fantastic fabric. That fabric is the key to everything behind our brand. But it is because the fabric symbolizes so much more than just the physical qualities it has. The fabric represents our values. It is because this Italian polyamide fabric we sew up our Comfy Pregnant Training Tights is very expensive. So expensive that if we had other owners or investors in the company, we probably would never have been able to use this fabric.

But we don't just care about numbers. Of course, we care about how things are going for us financially, everything else would be a lie. We have families to support just like everyone else. But this company is an extension of me and I want to stand for the products we develop. I feel a great deal of personal and moral responsibility, which I believe is common among entrepreneurs who are still run and owned by their founder.

For example, I am extremely touched when I hear from our customers that they bought our Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights with the intention of using them during physical activity. But as soon as they put it on, they never want to take it off again. Then I feel that I have succeeded. The tights were sold regardless of this feedback, but it is the feedback that gives me satisfaction. The sale itself is a figure in the statistics. The feedback, on the other hand, is a human interaction where I have been able to influence someone positively. It means everything.

Because it is common for people to feel uncomfortable in their clothes during their pregnancy (the body behaves differently than you are used to and the changing center of gravity often causes pain in various places) so comfort is what is most important to us. If you feel comfortable, so many other systems in the body are affected. You get in a better mood, take on more things, follow plans you set up and so on.

From experience, I know that many pregnant clothes you buy are either big as tents but sit nice or have a tight fit but are instead ill-looking. The balance in between can be difficult and that is precisely why the fabric is so important. This is what will determine if you are allowed to walk around and be tormented in your choice of clothing or if you instead feel that you want to stay in your clothes. So the last thing I want to say is that you also feel that comfort is A and O, then I promise you that we have the clothes for you <3

Warm greetings from the founder and CEO Emelie Hollsten!