Workout clothes breastfeeding

Träningskläder amning
While breastfeeding, it is common for a mother to sit with her child. Therefore, it is very smooth with exercise clothes that allow breastfeeding.

Our nursing clothes are all very soft and compliant and the design is adapted to fit just as well in everyday life as in the gym. Linen is in a comfortable loose-fit model and is long to ensure that they do not go up. The breastfeeding function consists of two layers of fabric that are wrapped around where you can easily lift the top piece and pull down the lower ones when breastfeeding.

Sport bra is equally soft and comfortable with and provides a stable medium support. Perfect for workouts or everyday life. It also has three different lengths on the circumference around the waist. In other words, you can choose how tight you want it to sit. You can easily fold the breastfeeding cover by unbuckling the straps that are on the shoulder straps. Below you will find an inner bra for privacy for you and your child.


Exercise clothing <3 breastfeeding - The beginning of a positive spiral

We at Restless Mama have taken part in the positive spiral you can create with the help of training in their motherhood. Better sleep, more energy and more positive energy, less perceived stress, better eating habits, more even blood sugar, yes the list can be made long!

In addition, physical activity is a behavior just like any other behavior we engage in and our children copy our behavior from day one. In other words, we are a good role model when we train in front of our children. We help to create a feeling about physical activity as a natural element in everyday life. Someone who will benefit our children as they grow up and they actively begin to choose how they want to shape their lives.

Something that children also copy is our approach to training. Therefore, it is incredibly important that we let exercise be a positive part of our everyday lives and that it does not originate in stress, pressure and anxiety. The mental well-being we at Restless Mama will always prioritize most of all. So listen to what your body appreciates and let the exercise be something you do for you, not for anyone else <3