Pregnant workout clothes

Träningskläder gravid

Finding the right one exercise clothes as pregnant can be a jungle. It is common for the clothes to fit either at the beginning of pregnancy or at the end. Often the fabric is too inflexible to follow your growing belly throughout pregnancy. 

That's why we at Restless Mama have put extra focus on our choice of fabric! All our tights, whether they are postpartum exercise tights or pregnant exercise tights they are sewn in our signature fabric ComfyTex.

Our signature fabric is made in the fabric of Mecca Italy and has an incredibly soft and comfortable finish. We have chosen to use the more exclusive option Polyamide over Polyester which contributes to the soft and supple feel. Usually we find fabrics with 7-9% elastane (due to the high price of elastane) while we have a full 26% elastane (also by the quality brand Lycra). This fabric composition is unbeatable for pregnant clothes as the fabric becomes extremely flexible and soft and gives good compression.

Why do you need exercise clothes when you are pregnant? 

Träningskläder Gravid

Keeping up with physical activity while pregnant will reduce the risk of fatigue, tension in the body and swelling. Disorders that are boring to be drawn with, especially if you have other children in the family to take care of.

Pregnancy diabetes can be associated with a significant weight gain during pregnancy. Pregnancy diabetes does not only affect the mother, but the child is at a much higher risk of developing diabetes. Physical activity helps you keep the weight at a healthy level for you and your child. 

You are also less likely to suffer from severe nausea. Nausea can really put sticks in the wheel and make one want to escape their own body. 

Fitness training helps the uterus to grow strong and provides your baby with more nutritious blood than if you don't exercise during pregnancy. 

Exercise provides increased well-being as the body releases happiness hormones as we move. That in turn gives us better self-esteem and more even mood. We also reduce the risk of depression, which is grateful because there are many changes in our life and in our body that can feel a little scary and hard. 

If you have exercised during your pregnancy you will often have a lighter birth. A childbirth is a major effort and if you have maintained your stamina and strength, you can cope more which leads to reduced risks for both you and the child. 

After giving birth, you have much better recovery ability if you were active during your pregnancy. Physical activity teaches the body to deal with degradation through reconstruction. Something you will benefit from after the birth when the body is broken down and torn. 

On the whole, there are so many benefits to exercising during your pregnancy for both you and your child. Therefore, we hope to be able to inspire you to continue to live an active life when you become pregnant :)