What is important to consider when buying pregnant workout clothes?

Vad är viktigt att tänka på när man köper gravid träningskläder?

Because a mother's pregnant body changes week to week, so is stretch and compliance pregnant workout clothes incredibly important. The workout clothes you buy should fit throughout your pregnancy and most importantly, they should sit comfortably!

Pregnant workout clothing that complies with California's strict law on carcinogens (Proposition 65)

Gravid träningskläder

California has an extremely stringent law that lists close to 900 common substances that can be carcinogenic. Since this bill is not a law in Sweden, it is not certain that other brands sold in Sweden have adapted their products to this law.

On the other hand, we at Restless Mama make sure to always be at the forefront when it comes to health, well-being and safety so that you can feel confident that our pregnant workout clothes comply with the most stringent regulations, regardless of whether the regulation exists in Sweden or not.

Breastfeeding clothes that can be worn during pregnancy

We want our breastfeeding clothes to be worn already during pregnancy to increase the length of use. Our linen does not pretend to be a breastfeeding linen if you wear it during your pregnancy. On the contrary, the breastfeeding function (wrap function with double layers of fabric) contributes to a better fit for the growing pregnant belly.


Our pregnancy tights can be used after delivery, but we still recommend ours postpartumtights which has a supportive effect of the stomach. They are really high at the waist and go up over the navel with double layers of fabric for good compression. The fabric is the same as the pregnancy tights, so if you liked gravidtightsen then these are guaranteed a full pot!

As a customer with us, you should feel that you know what you pay for. Therefore, there are no different fabrics on each and every training tights, so you risk hit and miss during your purchases. Without liking one of our workout tights you can trust that it is the same good fit, quality and feel on the other workout tights.