Our First Born - Comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights

our comfy Pregnant exercise tights was our absolute first garment in the Restless Mama family. Long before we held them for the first time, did we dream of what they would look like? How would it feel to gently push them against the body? When they came to us, it was really love at first sight. And the name, Comfy, felt just right! It said so much about our little darling ...

gravid traningsklader

How we describe our gold rush

We created the softest and most stretchy pregnant trousers which is based on one of the finest and most quality Italian fabrics we could get, with the composition Lycra and Polyamide. The fabric is woven with 40 gauge which gives a high coverage. However, the fabric is just thick enough to breathe and thus carry away moisture. Thanks to a well thought out design, ours fit tights for pregnant women from weeks 1 - 40. Although the focus is on comfort and therefore they should be as soft and stretchy as possible, we also wanted to create pregnant tights providing support. We chose to have double layers with fabric in the back which in addition to support also provides relief. In the future we only have one layer of fabric to give the growing belly maximum comfort.

comfy Pregnant Exercise Tights - what others say

Once you have created something, your love for it is unconditional! But when you begin to understand that even other people see what you see yourself, all qualities, then the feeling of pride is indescribable. Getting reviews that say: “These workout tights for pregnant women both have a nice design and feel absolutely fantastic. I bought two pairs "and" Finally, pregnant tights that are extremely comfortable and stretchy! Worth every penny ”, is unbelievably fun.

Our go'bit was created out of love for YOU mom.

If you haven't met our firstborn yet, make sure you do. Prepare to be charmed!