About us

Funders of Restless Mama Emelie & Sofia
Restless Mama came to life 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, during the pregnancy with my first child. I had been training my whole life so naturally I wanted to stay active throughout my pregnancy.

I was very much surprised when I soon realized the huge lack of activewear for pregnant women. Especially since staying active during pregnancy is highly beneficial for both mother and baby.

It made me concerned that we were overlooked in this aspect and that feeling worked as a great catalyst for my idea - I was going to design activewear for the coolest people on the planet, mothers!

A year down the line my sister-in-law Sofia, who shared my passion for this, joined me coming back from her maternity leave. Our vision has since then been to design  the most comfortable yet fashionable maternity sportswear there is. All in the purpose of encouraging mothers to stay active. 

Some internal words of wisdom at Restless Mama

To us it's very important to be including since the idea behind the brand came from a feeling of not belonging and not being thought of. An important step for us in that direction is to offer a size range from XS to 3XL. 
Everybody deserves to be motivated to be the best version of themselves. No matter what type of movement training you´re into, all we want is to inspire you to stay active. You know your body, we solely aim to create a window of opportunity ❤

CEO and founder 
Emelie Hollsten,