Comfy Maternity Over The Belly Leggings, Black

by Restless Mama


Restless Mama Maternity Leggings is currently the highest rated Maternity Leggings on Amazon

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Product description

These leggings have a perfect fit and a highly efficient shaping power. It enhances the silhouette of the natural curves of the female body with the extra benefits of an extra soft hand feel, no see through and the capacity to guarantee maximum freedom of movement. Enjoy a breathable and super comfortable legging that fits through your whole pregnancy as well as post partum.

  • Available in XS-3XL
  • Extremely flexible yet sculpting 4-way stretch fabric 
  • Super compact fabric ensuring excellent coverage
  • The fabric is breathable and sweat and pilling resistant which make these leggings ideal for any type of exercise
  • Double layers of fabric in the back of the waist that gives support to your lower back and a single layer of fabric over your belly for great comfort.
  • Stay-up construction with a silicon elastic over your belly
  • These maternity leggings are made to fit from pregnancy week 1-40 and also after giving birth
  • The different sizes are referring to measurements over the hips, bottom and legs and not to the size of your belly. All sizes fit a non-existing belly to a fully grown belly
  • Composition: 74% Polyamide 26% Elastane

What our customers say

"These are the most comfortable tights I have ever worn. I never want to take them off"

"This is seriously the best pregnancy activewear tights I have ever owned! Comfortable, stretchy and NOT transparent. Regular black training tights that fit everything!"

"Best tights ever! Super fitting while not putting pressure on my growing stomach. Used for both every day life and training. Love them."

"Love these Tights!! Only intended to wear them during exercise but as I understood, I am not the only one who has never taken them off yet .. love it!"

    Size guide
    XS 34
    S 36
    M 38
    L 40
    XL 42
    2XL 44
    3XL 46

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    super comfortable

    Super comfortable tights, feels like a second skin

    This is THEE prego go-to pant

    This is it, finally found my pregnancy pant. And I’ve read review after review and tried Belly Bandit’s legging (not a good fit at all), lululemon align (my second favorite to this pant), Blanqi, Kindred Bravely. This is THEE PANT. Fits so well, is not see through, pulls all the way over my belly and I have a BIG belly, I’m 5’8” and was a size 8 prepregnancy and the medium fits perfectly